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Wrongful Termination Attorney in Hartford, Connecticut

You dedicate years of your life to a job, investing time and effort to push a company's success, only to be shown the door under questionable circumstances. You're left wondering, was this firing rightful or not?

Wrongful termination arises when an employee's dismissal from their job breaches one or more terms of the employment agreement or violates employment law, creating a legal issue that requires redress. 

When you think about your career, your job isn't just what you do—it's a part of who you are. Losing your job isn't just a financial setback; it can shake the core of your identity. I understand the emotional turmoil and financial hardship that comes with being wrongfully terminated.  

Contact my firm, James S. Brewer Attorney at Law, as soon as possible if you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated. Together, we can evaluate your situation to see whether there is a reason to pursue legal recourse. I proudly serve clients in and around Hartford, Connecticut, as well as the areas of New Haven and Bridgeport. 

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When Is It Wrongful to Terminate an Employee?

The reasons behind what might constitute a wrongful dismissal have clear outlines but can occur in extremely intricate scenarios: 

Have you been discriminated against? Has standing up for what's just in the workplace or refusing to participate in illegal activities led to your termination? Are there written or implied promises your employer made that they are now backtracking on?  

Employees are sometimes fired for just reasons, however, when I witness someone lose their job for unlawful reasons, it's my job to pursue justice on their behalf. Here are several examples of situations when it may be wrongful to terminate an employee:  


You might feel your termination was due to discrimination based on your race, gender, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. This is unlawful and goes against the purpose of fair employment practices. 


Have you been protecting your rights or the rights of others, only to find yourself out of a job? Retaliation claims occur when employers punish their employees for engaging in legally protected activities. 

Violation of Public Policy 

It can be daunting to stand against something you believe is wrong, especially when it concerns your superiors or the company itself. Yet, firing an employee for refusing to violate laws or ethical standards is a violation of public policy.  

Written and Implied Promises 

Contracts and promises bind people. If your employment has been terminated despite clear written promises or even implicit agreements regarding your job security, it warrants scrutiny. 


Blowing the whistle on unlawful practices is an act of courage and integrity. If you have experienced retaliation in the form of termination, know that the law often protects you. 

Can I Sue My Employer? 

"Can I sue?" This question feels both heavy and urgent when you’ve been wronged. The answer is not always straightforward, but where there is injustice, there is a fight to be fought.  

Initially, one must consider various forms of evidence, testimonies, and the existence of any employment contract. The most critical factor is whether your state considers employment to be at-will or not.  

At-will employment means your employer has a legal right to terminate you for any reason, as long as it's not illegal. However, if there is substantial evidence that supports your claim of wrongful termination, it might be possible to sue and seek restitution. 

Legal Recourse for Wrongful Termination in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the principles of employment at-will still apply, meaning that an employer can generally terminate an employee for any reason or no reason at all. However, this does not give employers carte blanche to act unlawfully.

If your termination violates specific state or federal laws, including anti-discrimination statutes, retaliation laws, violation of public policy, or the conditions of an employment contract, you have the grounds to pursue legal action. 

Connecticut has been proactive in establishing laws that expand upon federal protections for employees. For instance, the state's Fair Employment Practices Act extends beyond federal guidelines to offer broader definitions of discriminatory practices, providing a larger umbrella under which employees can seek protection.  

Additionally, Connecticut recognizes claims for wrongful termination when an employee is fired for reasons that violate public policy, including refusing to engage in illegal activities, whistleblowing on unethical or illegal activities within the company, or exercising statutory rights, such as voting or serving jury duty. 

If you find yourself terminated under questionable circumstances in Connecticut, gather all relevant documentation—emails, contracts, performance reviews, and any communications related to your dismissal.  

Consulting with an employment attorney who is well-versed in Connecticut's employment laws can provide you with a clear understanding of your situation and the viability of your claim. Remember, each case is unique, and an experienced attorney can help you comprehend your situation and determine the best course of action. 

How a Wrongful Termination Attorney Can Help

My practice thrives on fighting for individuals like you—you who are wronged, afraid, and unsure of the future. My goal is to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear.  

I diligently gather all the necessary evidence, consult with relevant professionals, negotiate tenaciously, and when needed, advocate fiercely for you in the court. I couple my professional experience with genuine compassion, helping you clearly understand your rights and the best pathway forward. 

Together, we'll evaluate the circumstances of your dismissal, identify any violations of your rights, and determine the most strategic course of action. Whether it involves negotiations for a fair settlement or pursuing a lawsuit, I am dedicated to represent your interests. 

Wrongful termination cases aren't simply about severance or compensation; they are about justice, accountability, and the belief that every employee deserves to be treated with respect and fairness. I believe in holding employers accountable for their actions and ensuring you receive the justice you deserve.  

Wrongful Termination Attorney Serving Hartford, Connecticut

Have you been the victim of an unjust job termination? Are you feeling isolated and unsure of where to turn? It's critical to realize that you're not alone—I'm here to help. With my assistance, we will tackle your case and strive to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact my office today, James S. Brewer Attorney at Law, and together, we can assess your case, map out a plan, and set things right.